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Buy Our weight loss products as a set and save big starting with Our African Mango which will boost your energy and Controls your Appetite and also lowers your cholesterol and it increases Metabolism This is a Rapid-Fat Loss Product.

No Prescription Needed For This Product.

Fat Burner

Item# 522876 60 Capsules $97.00

Detox Cleanse

This formula is needed to start the Program

Supports Colon & Digestive Systems.

Item# 523875 60 Capsules $82.50

Advanced Weight Loss

Item# 33912 $170.00 For Both

Amino Plus 3

Item# 09234 Liquid $24.00

Human Growth Hormone HGH

Item# 0032556 $79.00 60 CAPS

Krill Oil

Item# 11285 $28.00

LIPOCLEN Great Weight Loss Product 

Item# 44411 $49.95

Volcamic Liquid Drink

Helps Boost Exercise Performance. Stimulates Energy

Item# VL101237 $39.95


Fast Weight loss Solution

Item# S850233 $32.50

KLB6 Slowly get rid of water gain.

Kelp, Lecithin,Vitamin B6 and cider vinegar all in one B6 functions to help the body slowly lose water weight.

Item#KL11743 $15.00

Extra Strength Water Pill

Promotes Fluid Balance this product contains the essential mineral potassium which works with sodium to regulate the body's water balance. 100 Tablets Item# WP0018345 $25.00


No Ephedra in this product-Capsules are thermogenic Formula great weight loss product. 60 Capsules Item#23374 $23.50

Glucomannan 500mg

Glucomannan helps in maintaining Cholesterol levels that are already within a normal range. 90 Capsules Item# 110443 $20.00

CLA 1500mg

Item#111833 $23.00

Hunger Caps

Item# 111955 $22.50

Detox Cleanse Needed to start the African Mango Program.

The First Step to the Program.

Supports Colon & Digestive Systems.


Item# 523875            $82.50

Let Us Run Or Walk Everyday to A Smaller You!

Weight Loss Program

alli is FDA-approved to help you get control of your weight problems. We will include a weight loss program with this product which includes auto-shipment and other benefits- good for the beginner.

Item# WE002377 90 Capsules $88.50


Co enzyme involved in protein and fat metabolism helps get rid of water 2 teaspoons mixed with water or your favorite beverage WHEY PROTEIN is very much needed in a weight loss program.

Comes in 4 flavors Strawberry-Chocolate-Vanilla-Butterscotch

Item #WE003371 $45.95  

MethylHex 4.2

Stop the desire to eat! Supports appetite control and weight loss, If You know that you can not stop with the in-between-meals This might be the medication for you. No Prescription Needed for this product.

 Item# WE0032557 60 Capsules $69.50

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